How to License Great Technology

How to license great technology

There's a popular image of entrepreneurs as brilliant coders or scientists, working round the clock to perfect some seemingly-obscure bit of technology that will nonetheless change the world.

It doesn't have to be that way. Another tack is to find the technology you need -- or important pieces of it -- at university research labs, which, not incidentally, are not funded by you. In 2011 alone, universities pulled in more than $1.8 billion in licensing income from faculty- and student- generated innovation.

But how do you find the right university to work with? Are there some universities better to approach than others? How do you know who’s got the goods and who doesn’t?

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July 18, 2014

About the Author

Julie Goonewardene
Former President of KU Innovation and Collaboration and
Former Associate Vice Chancellor for Innovation & Enterprise

Julie Goonewardene is a recognized leader in technology commercialization, business formation and public/private partnerships.  From corporate boardrooms to university research labs, she bring together groups across the spectrum to develop new solutions to medical and business challenges.