The KUIC blog focuses on innovation at The University of Kansas. The blog will provide perspectives into the research portfolio at KU and the translation of this research to the market. Track commercialization at KU here.


Recent Blog Postings

Finding Innovation in the Rough
finding innovation in the rough
Universities can be great sources of new technology for your company--if you know how to navigate them.
July 18, 2014, Read more

KUIC Communi-K
Welcome to the KU Innovation and Collaboration (KUIC) Communi-K, our social media outlet for news, events and updates on the latest happenings throughout the 13 schools and 5 campuses that comprise The University of Kansas. Each post, email and newsletter will serve as our platform for sharing what’s current at KU – including recent innovation, faculty and research highlights and more.
July 9, 2014, Read more


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