Success Stories

Not all KU technology is as big a commercial success as Abilify®, but it’s a great example of how innovation, research and protecting intellectual property are helping society and funding further research at KU.

Name: CritiTech, Inc.

CritiTech, Inc. has licensed KU patented technologies related to Super Critical Fluid (SCF) particle-size reduction techniques for pharmaceuticals. These technologies include methods and apparatus to produce nanoparticles, methods for SCF precipitation, and a harvesting apparatus for size-selective separation of nanoparticles.

Name: Flint Hills Scientific, LLC (FHS)

Flint Hills Scientific, LLC (FHS) is a "spin off" company from the University of Kansas that specializes in the development of advanced algorithms for use in real-time analysis of complex brain waves and other biologic signals. The company is currently co-developing a device with a major medical device manufacturer, which will detect and then prevent the onset of epileptic seizures.

Name: Kansas Analytical Services

Kansas Analytical Services provides simultaneous multiple NMR sample analysis utilizing MSS probe and standard NMR hardware and software.

Name: Likarda

Likarda is an animal regenerative medicine and contract research organization. Through the use of an innovative platform technology, Likarda streamlines the engineering of multi-cell type, uniform, organotypic 3D cell clusters for a variety of applications. This includes drug screening and regenerative medicine.

Name: NephroGenex, Inc.

NephroGenex, Inc. is a start up utilizing technology developed in part at the University of Kansas Medical Center, is focused on the treatment of end stage renal disease (ESRD). It accounts for up to 15% of the entire health care budget in the United States, with annual costs estimated at $24 billion. In spite of the enormous socioeconomic burden, renal diseases are dramatically underserved by the pharmaceutical industry in contrast to cancer, cardiovascular disease, neurological diseases and diabetes.