Success Stories

Not all KU technology is as big a commercial success as Abilify®, but it’s a great example of how innovation, research and protecting intellectual property are helping society and funding further research at KU.

Name: Edissey LLC

Edissey LLC is focused on manufacturing and distribution of remote controlled small multi-propeller aerial flying vehicles, e.g. helicopters with four propellers. The helicopters are envisioned to be used in several application including surveillance of: national border; disaster monitoring and recovery; security and sports. The company will also pursue the toy helicopter market. 

Name: ImmuPep, Inc
ImmuPep, Inc. Dedicated to modern immunotherapy. ImmuPep is a start-up biotechnology company founded to develop new approaches to modulating the immune and inflammatory responses and to treat disorders of the immune response. The principal technology inhibits, in a specific manner, the small subset of immune cells that cause autoimmune disease or rejection of organ transplants while leaving the rest of the immune system to function normally. This is in direct contrast with therapies currently on the market that inhibit the entire immune response and result in generalized immune or inflammatory suppression that lead to unwanted side effects such as sepsis. Targeted diseases include rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, insulin-dependent diabetes, and psoriasis as well as rejection of organ transplants. Technologies under development include anti-viral agents and diagnostic immunoassays.
Name: Innara Health TM formerly KC BioMediX, Inc.

Innara Health TM formerly KC BioMediX, Inc. is a medical device company that was established to commercialize technologies developed at the University of Kansas for the care and treatment of infants born prematurely. Specifically, the company is developing medical devices based upon technologies that measure, monitor and develop the non-nutritive suck – an essential building block in an infant’s development of the coordinated sucking, breathing and swallowing capability needed for independent oral feed.

Name: SeekEdgar LLC
SeekEdgar LLC is focused on delivering web based analytical software to mine specific data from SEC filings. Reports can be customized for specific customer needs with respect to groups of companies. The company is developing auditing tools for assessing various types of risk such as audit risk, fraud risk, auditor independence risk, information security risk, etc.
Name: Treepple LLC

Treepple LLC is an innovative automated application system built on open source software that dynamically tailors news based on an individual’s geolocation in combination with personal health history, health interest, and personal health record, provides the user with medication reminders, event warnings to selected caregivers and a platform for media outlets to deliver customized news and intimately tailored advertising.