Success Stories

Not all KU technology is as big a commercial success as Abilify®, but it’s a great example of how innovation, research and protecting intellectual property are helping society and funding further research at KU.

Name: UAVradars, LLC

UAVradars, LLC is a rapidly growing company in the field of airborne collision-avoidance sensors for small drones. This is a technology hurdle identified by the FAA that must be overcome to fully enable the societal benefits of these aircraft in applications such as precision agriculture, first response, communications, and package delivery. Our goal is to become a leading company in providing reliable airborne, sense-and-avoid (SAA) capability starting with our flagship collision-avoidance radar system designed specifically for small unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). In doing so, we hope to assist the integration of UAVs into the national airspace system (NAS) safely and effectively for all to enjoy.