BE YOUR BEST: Early Intervention Series: Home and Community Visits

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This E learning module is about conducting successful home and community visits as professionals support families and children. Continuing education credit is available upon online completion of the module.


This electronic learning module is about conducting successful home and community visits as professionals support families and children. The module reviews the policies and evidence about the topic and then provides case material and worksheets to apply the policies and evidence to practice situations. Learners develop competency based knowledge and skills as they work through the module activities. The module contains a pre-test and post-test as a planning tool for the learner. All worksheets are downloadable so learners can use them to practice with families in their actual case load, and meet with their supervisors to advance their professional development.


This E learning module provides a good source of expert educational material for entry level professional programs, including occupational therapy, early educators, speech pathologists and physical therapists. It is a source of cost effective continuing education for professionals who need to keep their certification by gaining Continuing Education Units or Professional Development Points.


This stand-alone interactive learning module provides voice over guidance and visuals to maintain interest and is self-paced. The pre and post-tests comprise of best practice behaviors so learners can gauge their current practices as they plan for the future. The module provides a cost effective way for professionals working in rural areas or in systems with limited budgets, to access materials for professional development.

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The materials currently available to professional are very elementary and didactic. This module provides application of evidence, opportunities to practice those applications, and materials to follow up with one's own families. Educational research indicates that without follow up, professionals do not change their practices from familiar patterns.

By completing activities, passing the short quiz and obtaining the supervisor's signature, the module will count as 5 Contact Hours. The module takes about one hour to view and the associated worksheets take approximately 4 hours to complete.

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Rajiv Kulkarni, PhD · · 785-864-6265
Winnie Dunn
Ellen Pope