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The present invention is an entirely new chemotype of KOR weak partial agonists.
Category(s): therapeutics
Subcategory(s): small-molecules


This invention entails a novel, nonhormonal compound that can sterilize both male and female companion animals in a single dose.
Category(s): biotechnology
Subcategory(s): animal-health, healthcare


The invention is a novel and efficient method to establish new embryonic stem (ES) cell lines from mammalian species and to maintain ES cells at the pluripotent state.
Subcategory(s): stem-cells, reagents


The invention is a novel gait training aid that alleviates physical burdens on therapists and patients, reduces costs over robotic devices, and facilitates the development of active motor control.
Category(s): medical-devices
Subcategory(s): healthcare


The invention is a novel adaptive aero structure based on conventional, certified aerospace materials.
Category(s): engineering
Subcategory(s): transportation