FOOD Fits: Nutrition Education Videos

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"FOOD Fits" is a series of four videos aimed at improving the nutrition literacy of parents and children.


As we become more health conscious, consumers are increasingly interested in making proper food choices, which includes eating balanced meals consisting of the different food groups. Food proportion control and exercise are also important. The new dietary recommendations for a healthy diet include grains, protein, vegetables, fruits and dairy in certain proportions. Portion size can vary with age. It is also important to consider the nutritional value of fresh verses preserved food items, e.g. fruits and vegetables. Consumers need to increase their nutrition literacy to make better food choices.


The "FOOD Fits" videos provide an effective audio and visual tutorial on nutrition facts and making healthy food choices for children and adults. The topics covered in the videos include: an introduction to the food groups; improving consumer skills to making nutritious food choices in a grocery store; determining food portion sizes for adults and children; using nutrition fact labels to select nutritious food items.

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The videos are focused on providing basic information on nutrition and foods for a healthy diet. Parents can use this educational tool to help make better food choices. Food portion size varies with age. Practical tips are provided to improve nutrition literacy.

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Rajiv Kulkarni, PhD · · 785-864-6265
Heather Gibbs
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