Methods for Inducing Production of Stem Cells from Adult Animals

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A novel method of inducing adult-derived stem cell proliferation in tissue from adult animals. Harvested embryonic, pluripotent or more differentiated stem cells may be used in cell therapy, tissue engineering, or other medical, veterinary, and industrial applications.


The therapeutic use of embryonic stem cells has the potential to revolutionize the treatment of numerous diseases, as they are capable of differentiating into many other specialized cell types. Acquiring such stem cells, however, has proven to be difficult and sometimes controversial. This method of producing embryonic, pluripotent stem cells can utilize a patient's own adult tissues in a safer and significantly more efficient process than existing technology allows.


Embryonic stem cell production.

How it works: 

This method of inducing stem cell proliferation works by exposing a surgically excised portion of a patient's own tissue to exogenous stimuli in vivo. The tissue selected using this method is prepared, then treated with a novel application of cytokines from the bone morphogenic protein (BMP) family and/or subjected to physical or other specific proprietary methods of stimulation. Following proliferation, stem cells may be harvested and cultured in vitro to create a population of stem cells suitable for therapeutic reimplantation in the patient.


This method provides a safer and more efficient means of producing embryonic stem cells for therapeutic use than current technology allows.

Why it is better: 

This technique is appropriate for generating individual "perfect match" cells for tissue engineering and other regenerative therapies, avoiding complications caused by immune rejection after transplantation.

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Stem cell therapy, tissue engineering and organ culture, other medical and veterinary applications including wound healing, nerve regeneration, restoring immune function and hematopoesis.

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