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This invention offers a novel approach to the prevention of lung cancer via the selective inhibition of the enzyme in the human lung that activates tobacco compounds into carcinogens.
Category(s): therapeutics
Subcategory(s): small-molecules
Keyword(s): cancer, cardiovascular
Inventor(s): Anu Roy, Emily Scott

PEPCK is an enzyme critical in the process of gluconeogenesis whose inhibition could be used to treat hyperglycemia and diabetes.
Inventor(s): Todd Holyoak, Gerald Carlson, Rose Mary Stiffin, Sarah Sullivan

Implantable biomaterial for promoting bone and cartilage regeneration in joints following articular cartilage injury, a leading cause of advanced osteoarthritis.
Subcategory(s): healthcare, animal-health
Inventor(s): Michael Detamore, Milind Singh, Aaron Scurto, Cory Berkland

A mechanical barrier system for reducing infections associated with intravascular catheters. The invention reduces the risk of bacterial contamination of the outer surface of the catheter at the skin entry site, which in turn prevents more serious infections caused by the spread of bacteria down the surface of the catheter into the bloodstream. The barrier device functions by forming an occlusive "boot" at the skin exit site and relies on use of a cyanoacrylate adhesive to complete the occlusive junction between the boot and the contaminated skin. At time of device removal, the device-adhesive bond is safely broken through a novel bladder release method, allowing for safe removal of the vascular catheter.
Category(s): medical-devices
Subcategory(s): healthcare
Inventor(s): Stephen Waller

Based on precision drug delivery technologies, ConocoPhilips and KU have jointly developed a patented technology using polyelectrolyte complex (PEC) nanoparticles to entrap/protect and delay the release of oil and gas field chemicals.
Category(s): energy-environment
Subcategory(s): oil-gas
Keyword(s): petroleum
Inventor(s): Paul Willhite, Jenn-Tai Liang, Mary Cordova, Cory Berkland

This innovation has two forms: a hard capsule that dissolves orally and a film that dissolves orally. The capsules can be filled with a drug formulation containing an active drug or drugs, excipients, and flavors.
Subcategory(s): healthcare
Keyword(s): film
Inventor(s): John Haslam, Roger Rajewski

This invention entails a novel, nonhormonal compound that can sterilize both male and female companion animals in a single dose.
Category(s): biotechnology
Subcategory(s): animal-health, healthcare
Keyword(s): cancer, hsp90, reproduction
Inventor(s): Joseph Tash, Katherine Roby

The invention is a novel synthesis procedure to create hydrogels with mechanical properties desirable for musculoskeletal tissue engineering.
Subcategory(s): healthcare, animal-health
Inventor(s): Michael Detamore, Stevin Gehrke

The invention is a novel and efficient method to establish new embryonic stem (ES) cell lines from mammalian species and to maintain ES cells at the pluripotent state.
Subcategory(s): stem-cells, reagents
Keyword(s): regeneration
Inventor(s): Frank Schoenen, Jeffrey Aube, Soumen Paul, Debasree Dutta, Soma Ray

The invention enables more efficient, reproducible, and convenient drug administration to ventilated patients.
Subcategory(s): healthcare
Keyword(s): nano
Inventor(s): Nashwa Abd El-Hamid El-Gendy, Cory Berkland, Warangkana Pornputtapitak, Parthiban Selvam