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Photo-mediated Ultrasound Therapy (PUT) is a non-pharmacological, highly targeted, non-invasive treatment which selectively disrupts the microvasculature (arteries or veins independently) without catheterization/injection or damage to the surrounding tissue.
Subcategory(s): healthcare
Inventor(s): Xinmai Yang, Xueding Wang, Yannis Paulus

Immuno-oncology represents the new wave of personalized medicine. Scientists at the University of Kansas have developed an innovative approach to activate intracellular signaling pathways that enhance T cell activation, expansion, and differentiation.
Subcategory(s): biologics, healthcare
Keyword(s): cancer, immunology, tumor
Inventor(s): Thomas Yankee, John Szarejko, G. Doug Myers

The current invention concerns the novel use of an endogenous estrogen derivative that has a super-strong neuroprotective effect against oxidative neurotoxicity in vivo.
Category(s): therapeutics
Keyword(s): neuroscience
Inventor(s): Bao-Ting Zhu

The iLike image search method analyzes text-based and content-based image features to deliver results that match the true intention of a user's search query.
Category(s): software
Subcategory(s): web-internet
Inventor(s): Xue-Wen Chen, Bo Luo

This device is an improvement on pre-existing technology. It is a nasoenteric feeding tube that is inexpensive, disposable, and designed to give the user more maneuverability and thus a better chance of successfully placing it in the small intestine.
Category(s): medical-devices
Subcategory(s): healthcare
Keyword(s): gastrointestinal
Inventor(s): Armand Heyns, Kyli Beattie, Dan Clinesmith, Johannes Heyns

Broad-spectrum antiviral compounds that inhibits pyrimidine biosynthesis, triggers innate immunity, and induces antiviral responses.
Subcategory(s): cell-lines, vaccines
Inventor(s): Jennifer Golden, Chad Schroeder, Dong-Hoon Chung

A novel anti-metastasis therapy for prostate cancer, utilizing the newly established small-activating RNA (saRNA) technique to up-regulate the expression of the tumor metastasis suppressor gene, dihydropyrimidase-like 3 (DPYSL3).
Category(s): therapeutics
Keyword(s): cancer, tumor
Inventor(s): Benyi Li

This invention is based on an innovative process that creates an extremely thin and durable "wet-proof" surface on the interior of gas diffusion media such as the type used in PEM fuel cells.
Inventor(s): Trung Van Nguyen, Xuhai Wang

Method for converting lignin biomass to aromatic compounds using a novel mesoporous acid catalyst.
Category(s): energy-environment
Inventor(s): Bala Subramaniam, Andrew Danby, Raghunath Chaudhari, Anand Ramanathan, Kakasaheb Nandiwale

This technology is a process for synthesizing low-dimensional hyperthin iron disulfide (FeS2) nanostructures to be used as electrocatalysts for hydrogen production through water-splitting reactions.
Subcategory(s): renewable-energy
Keyword(s): nano, water
Inventor(s): Shenqiang Ren, Kevin Leonard, Joseph Barforoush, Daniel Jasion