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Ecological Niche Modeling for Predicting the Potential Geographic Distribution of Invasive Species. This invention uses a novel combination of computer programs and analytical techniques drawn from quantitative geography, artificial intelligence, and the emerging field of biodiversity informatics to provide a tool for predicting, analyzing, and strategizing against agricultural species invasions.
Category(s): research-tools, software
Inventor(s): David Vieglais, A.Townsend Peterson

The current invention is a novel composition of matter that is comprised of a monomeric species, which could be used as co-initiator as well as co-monomer. Upon excitation using visible light, the monomeric species efficiently assists the photopolymerization and itself polymerizes into a material that is useful for dental applications.
Category(s): biotechnology, materials
Subcategory(s): healthcare, small-molecules
Inventor(s): Paulette Spencer, Jennifer Laurence, (Charles) Ye Qiang, Xueping Ge

Method of restoring hair and treating baldness by using cell culture systems and inducing mesenchymal cells to differentiate into CK19-positive cells capable of regenerating hair.
Subcategory(s): healthcare, stem-cells
Inventor(s): Lynda Bonewald, Omar Aljitawi

Small molecule compounds that act as vaccine adjuvants by specifically binding to Toll-Like Receptor-2 (TLR2).
Inventor(s): Sunil David, Deepak Salunke, Xiaoqiang Guo

The ToP-SPA measures tongue-palate contact pressure occurring during speech and/or swallowing.
Subcategory(s): healthcare, sensors
Inventor(s): Jeff Searl

A novel sensor design allows capture of angular fluid flow with greater accuracy than the conventional Pitot-type probe currently in use in commercial and military aircraft
Subcategory(s): sensors, transportation
Keyword(s): aerospace, air, uav
Inventor(s): Shawn Keshmiri, Saeed Farokhi, Ray Taghavi

Hearing loss, tinnitus, and vertigo result from the damage of mechanosensory hair cells (HCs) located in sensory epithelium of the cochlea and vestibular organs of the inner ear. HCs do not regenerate. Currently, hearing aids and cochlear implants are the only treatments to address hearing loss, and both options provide mild relief. The challenge in developing new therapies and screening ototoxic agents is that the cochlear and vestibular sensory epithelium are isolated deep in the inner ear. Invasive measures are required to access the sensory epithelium. KU researchers have endeavored to create both cochlear and vestibular sensory epithelium outside of the body. They are developing a model platform where the cochlear and vestibular sensory epithelium can be grown outside of the body for testing and developing new diagnostics, screening ototoxic agents, and evaluating new therapies. No such model currently exists. Thus, this technology has the potential to take a leap forward in the advancement of medicine for hearing disorders.
Keyword(s): bioengineering, tissue
Inventor(s): Adam Mellott, Michael Detamore, Hinrich Staecker

Novel chemical compounds for use as antivirals against VEEV and other alpha viruses.
Inventor(s): Jeffrey Aube, Jennifer Golden, Tuanli Yao, Chad Schroeder, Ellie White, Dong-Hoon Chung, Nichole A. Tower

Novel chemical compounds for use as antivirals against RSV
Inventor(s): Jeffrey Aube, Jennifer Golden, Daljit Matharu, William Severson, Denise Simpson, Lynn Rasmussen

Piezoelectric composites, as well as methods of making such composites for biomedical applications.
Category(s): medical-devices
Subcategory(s): healthcare
Inventor(s): Elizabeth [Lisa] Friis, John Domann