Access Student Talent

The University of Kansas has nearly 200 undergraduate fields of study and many nationally ranked programs, allowing KU to develop some of the best talent in the world.

The various Career Centers on the KU campus are designed to make the student recruiting process as easy as possible, while also there to act as an information resource if you are new to university recruiting. No matter what your needs, internships or full-time hires, we have the student populations you need. Recruit KU graduates and interns for innovators and leaders ready to meet the demands of academy, industry, government and a global society.

Recruit KU Graduates

KU graduates 7,000 students each year from nearly 200 undergraduate fields of study – 58 of them nationally ranked. Our dedicated career center is committed to helping you find the best fit for your organization’s employment needs.

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Students from a variety of disciplines conduct faculty-led research projects as a part of their KU degree. To learn more about undergraduate research at KU, click here.