Industry Sponsored Research

Companies seek defined expertise and thought leaders in academia to work on specific problems inherent to their business.

Often an industry partner wants you to work on a project for them – and they are willing to fund it – what do you do?

Call KUIC!

KUIC can help to ensure a successful engagement for you and the company. Here are the steps we’ll take:

  1. Budget and Statement of Work
    Contact the KUCR Pre-Award group at Pre-Award Services will assist in drafting the statement of work for the project as well as preparing a budget.

  2. Negotiation
    When you contact Pre-Award, copy the Industry Contracts group at The Industry Agreements group will work in parallel by initiating the negotiation of an agreement while the Pre-Award group is finalizing the budget and statement of work.

  3. Post-Award
    The Industry Agreements group will notify Post-Award Services once the contract is in place with a finalized budget and statement of work. Post-Award Services will invoice the company according to the schedule of payment as well as establish your account. If you have questions regarding any services after the Sponsored Research Agreement is in place, contact Post-Award Services at