What’s Going on at KUIC

KU start-up school gains popularity among students

If the University of Kansas (KU) experience with its free mini-course Startup School@KU is any indication, universities that want to tap into student demand for more entrepreneurship opportunities should take note.

October 19, 2016, Read more

KU Startup School for Aspiring Faculty, Staff and Student Entrepreneurs

The University of Kansas remains committed to building healthy communities by fostering innovation and economic prosperity. A step towards this strategic initiative is Startup School@KU.

Nominations Sought for Baxendale Innovation Award

The University of Kansas seeks nominations for the annual Baxendale Innovation Award. It recognizes a researcher or a research group for excellence in entrepreneurship and commercialization.

KU license agreement makes it easier for faculty to form new companies

A new type of licensing agreement now available to faculty members at the University of Kansas is making it easier for them to take lab discoveries and spin them out into new startup companies.

State of Development: B-Schools Support Campus Commercialization

What elements support successful university-based commercialization? A look at how the process has evolved at five universities and what the implications are for business innovation.

KU, new VC fund join to speed biotech, pharma commercialization

BioNovus Innovations LLC and the University of Kansas Medical Center’s Institute for Advancing Medical Innovation (IAMI) announced a new partnership Tuesday to develop and commercialize new drugs, diagnostics and medical devices.