Companies Born Out of KU

Whether measured in profit, wealth creation, or improvements to society – the companies that are using KU technology are successful on every level.

Name: CyDex, Inc.

CyDex, Inc. was established to license and commercialize modified cyclodextrins for use in drug development and formulation. The series of anionically charged sulfobutyl ether beta-cyclodextrins (SBE-CDs) were originally synthesized and patented by scientists in the Higuchi Biosciences Center for Drug Delivery Research. CyDex has an exclusive license to the SBE Cyclodextrins. Their lead compound, Captisol®, enabled six FDA-approved products, including Onyx Pharmaceuticals’ Kyprolis®, Baxter International’s Nexterone®, BMS’s injectable Abilify, product, injectable Cerenia, also sold by Pfizer. There are also many more Captisol-enabled products in clinical development. Cydex was acquired by Ligand Pharmaceuticals in 2011. Ligand has offices in Bioscience and Technology Business Center (BTBC) incubator on the Lawrence campus.

Name: DARcorporation

DARcorporation is located in historic downtown Lawrence, Kansas. DARcorporation's extensive library holds more than 1,000 airplane designs, analytical texts and USAF, NASA and ESDU reports. DARcorporation has been a leading provider of consulting services in the areas of aircraft configuration design and analysis, stability and control and estimation of airplane models for flight simulators and aircraft technical analysis. Other services include wind tunnel and water tunnel testing and analysis. Their personnel are experienced with many software packages for airplane analysis and design.

Name: Edissey LLC

Edissey LLC is focused on manufacturing and distribution of remote controlled small multi-propeller aerial flying vehicles, e.g. helicopters with four propellers. The helicopters are envisioned to be used in several application including surveillance of: national border; disaster monitoring and recovery; security and sports. The company will also pursue the toy helicopter market. 

Name: eLearning Creations, Inc.

eLearning Creations, Inc. was formed to commercialize technologies developed within the Center for Research on Learning (CRL) for the special education market. ELearning Creations' initial strategy includes a partnership with a major special education publisher to produce a 10 course on-line series to certify special education teachers. The company will also market the licensed content to provide continuing education opportunities for teachers seeking re-certification for special education. The backbone of this product was developed by the CRL team and was part of the highly successful On-Line Academy and the e-Learning Design Laboratory. The product has been further enhanced to meet the recently-established standards of the Council for Exceptional Children. As the company grows, it is the intent of the founders to expand into other markets where the technology can be easily replicated.

Name: Flint Hills Scientific, LLC (FHS)

Flint Hills Scientific, LLC (FHS) is a "spin off" company from the University of Kansas that specializes in the development of advanced algorithms for use in real-time analysis of complex brain waves and other biologic signals. The company is currently co-developing a device with a major medical device manufacturer, which will detect and then prevent the onset of epileptic seizures.