What’s Going on at KUIC

KU start-up school gains popularity among students

If the University of Kansas (KU) experience with its free mini-course Startup School@KU is any indication, universities that want to tap into student demand for more entrepreneurship opportunities should take note.

October 19, 2016, Read more

First ever University pitch spotlights at Innovator of the Year

Pipeline University partners have each selected a student entrepreneur from a qualifying competition to pitch to the National Judges and audience at Pipeline's Innovator of the Year on January 21st.

School of Business and KUIC Launch Startup School@KU

The University of Kansas remains committed to building healthy communities by fostering innovation and economic prosperity. The latest step towards this strategic initiative is Startup School@KU.

KU Student Entrepreneur Selected for University Spotlight at Pipeline Innovator of the Year Celebration in Kansas City

Playing college football and multiple high school sports before crowds of cheering fans prepared Austin Barone for a different kind of audience: more than 600 of the region’s top innovators and entrepreneurs at a major event in Kansas City, MO.

Baxendale Innovation Award goes to two KU researchers

Outstanding success in pharmaceutical research and technology commercialization has resulted in special recognition for two University of Kansas faculty members.

KU receives national award for innovation and entrepreneurship

The University Economic Development Association has awarded the University of Kansas its Award of Excellence in Innovation & Entrepreneurship for KU’s Entrepreneurs@KU program.